Ibis the Invincible: The Vow

Ibis the Invincible: The Five Earths Project

Ibis the Invincible

The Vow

by Drivtaan

Four thousand years ago, Ibis the Invincible and his beloved Princess Taia began the great sleep that would bring them into the modern age. For centuries, his loyal followers protected his tomb from looters, once even receiving the help of the Mighty Adam. Now, in the present, the hero-turned-villain now known as Black Adam must fulfill the vow he made while he was still Shazam’s champion, even if it means siding not only with Ibis the Invincible but also the wizard Shazam against a powerful ancient foe! If they manage to survive, how will this encounter with the alien wizard Nabu change the lives of Ibis and Taia forever?

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