The Mighty Isis: Whatever Happened to Isis? Prologue: The Domestic Life

by Libbylawrence

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May, 1986:

Rick Mason smiled broadly as he read a letter from his sister Regina. He shook his head in amusement at one of her little jokes, and he rolled over to where his wife was grading papers in their large bed.

“What’s Regina up to now, Rick?” she asked as she stifled a yawn. “How does she like Egypt?”

“Hopefully, she’s more excited about it than you are, honey,” Rick said.

As Mrs. Mason playfully poked him in the ribs, the pregnant woman said, “Now, Rick, I’m excited for her, but you know what a homebody I am. I can’t even imagine going to some exotic locale like Egypt. You’re lucky this farm girl ever left Missouri for California!”

Rick kissed her passionately and said, “I know it. I’m a lucky guy! If you hadn’t come to teach at the school, I might still be a lonely but handsome bachelor, and you’d still be Andrea Thomas, spinster!”

Andrea smiled and said, “Spinster? Was I really that bad? I know I was always a bit bookish. Then again, behind my rather thick glasses, I always wished I could have been a real beauty queen!”

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