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Shortly before his death an aged sorcerer, Shazam, selects young Billy Batson to carry on his lifelong task of righting wrongs and smashing evil. To aid him the old man gives Billy the power to become at will the world’s mightiest man, Captain Marvel, merely by speaking the magic word Shazam. And so, unknown to the thousands who listen every day to his thrilling broadcasts, Billy Batson, America’s ace radio reporter, is also the most powerful person on Earth — the courageous, indomitable Captain Marvel!

Times Past

1st Century AD

Secret Files: Marvel Family: Times Past: The Shepherd

by Drivtaan
published December 22, 2013

A young shepherd boy named Joel is called upon by the old wizard Shazam to protect a couple with child on a trip to Bethlehem to pay taxes! But little does the Shepherd realize how often his amazing new powers will be called upon to battle a number of evil menaces seeking to prevent the first Christmas Day!


Secret Files: Tawky Tawny: Times Past, 1941: Mr. Tawny Hunts for a Job

by Dan Swanson
published November 5, 2005

Being an intelligent talking tiger has its advantages, but as Mr. Tawny finds out in this untold tale from his early years, it’s not easy to get a job!




The Marvel Family: Times Past, 1976: The Fawcett City Vigilante

by Dan Swanson
published July 22, 2006

Who is the latest mystery-man in Fawcett City? It’s none other than boy scientist Dexter Knox, ally of the Marvel Family. His target? Bad drivers!


Mary Marvel: Times Past, 1980: Prelude to Odyssey

by Libbylawrence
published July 28, 2000

When Mary Marvel breaks up an evil but routine plot by Georgia Sivana, the world’s mightiest girl has no idea how her actions will change forever the destiny of an Air Force pilot!

1985 (July to December)

DC Universe: The Rock of Eternity

Prologue to Revenge, Inc.

by Immortalwildcat, Starsky Hutch 76, Libbylawrence, Doc Quantum, Martin Maenza and Matthew the Raven 2000
published March 11, 2000

At the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the final remaining Earths became one. But the wizard Shazam wasn’t about to stand for that. But even as he separated the Earths into five and erected powerful barriers between them, it’s nearly a full-time job to keep them from being pierced by heroes and villains alike. Meanwhile, a gathering of some of the worst villains ever are making their own plans. Guest starring Captain Marvel and Earth-One’s John Constantine!

Mary Marvel: To Fight No More

by Immortalwildcat
published April 8, 2000

After the devastation she’d witnessed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mary Marvel decides to call it quits! Leaving home to attend college in California, Mary Batson has to tackle a new set of problems, even as an old enemy of the Marvel Family targets her.

Mary Marvel: The Deadliest Place on Earth

Part 5 of Revenge, Inc.

by Libbylawrence
published October 2, 2001

How in the world can Mary Marvel be in danger in Hoppy World, a place that is dedicated to Hoppy the Marvel Bunny and is considered to be the funnest place on Earth? Nevertheless, she finds herself targeted there by the infamous Black Rat, foe of Bulletman and Bulletgirl! But surely this ridiculous-looking foe isn’t powerful enough to match the strength of the world’s mightiest girl… or is he?

Captain Marvel: Master Race

Part 6 of Revenge, Inc.

by Libbylawrence
published October 22, 2000

When Captain Marvel is attacked by a masked foe who is his very equal in might and power, he seeks guidance from the old wizard Shazam. But when he discovers that his foe is actually a forgotten hero, he vows to save him from the thrall of the Aryan villainess who controls him as her mad pawn! Reintroducing Master Man!

Captain Marvel: Shiva and Kali

Part 4 of The Replacement

by CSyphrett
published October 4, 2000

Captain Marvel battles a forgotten old hero who gives him the fight of his life, when Shiva returns to face the menace of Kali, his deadliest enemy and his wife!

The Marvel Family: Crying Time Again

Part 7 of Revenge, Inc.

by Libbylawrence
published March 12, 2002

The Weeper makes his big move, causing everyone in the United States to become crippled by emotion! And even the Marvel Family is unable to say the magic words that transform them to their mighty selves! But the Horned Hood, leader of Revenge, Inc., has a secret that will make the Weeper cry real tears!


The Marvel Family: Black Adam Strikes Back

by Cynthia Finnegan
published September 23, 2001

When Black Adam returns for the first time since the Crisis on Infinite Earths to get revenge on the Marvel Family, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Junior are expecting a long, drawn-out battle. But when the battle ends abruptly, and in a way that leaves Billy Batson barely clinging to life, is it any wonder that his friends have cause to worry?

Mary Marvel: To Fly Again

by Cynthia Finnegan
published January 3, 2001

For the past few months, Billy Batson has been acting very strangely. But it’s only when he goes inexplicably missing that his sister Mary Batson and best friend Freddy Freeman are forced to face the truth: that Billy has been replaced, and the demoness Blaze is behind it! Becoming Mary Marvel again for the first time in months, his sister confronts the demoness, only to discover that Billy’s replacement was all part of an elaborate trap, with the prize her soul! And now Mary must fight alone against Blaze to win not only her own soul, but those of her family and friends as well! Meanwhile, what fateful accident causes a teenage witch named Caitlin O’Malley to become the newest member of the Marvel Family? Guest starring Captain Marvel Junior!

DC Universe: Challenge of Shazam

by Libbylawrence, Starsky Hutch 76, Blackwolf247, HarveyKent, Immortalwildcat, Cynthia Finnegan, Arcademan, Brian K. Asbury, Doc Quantum and Goose Gansler
published November 24, 2003

Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Junior find themselves the targets of a new group of equally powerful foes when the Black Adam Family is born! But who is the evil wizard who can grant the power of Shazam to Teth-Adam’s distant descendants? And are even the Marvel Family, Shazam’s Squadron of Justice, and almost every other hero enough to defeat an evil wizard with the same powers as Shazam, not to mention all the other villains that come out of the woodwork amidst the chaos? Starring the heroes and villains of Earth-S and beyond!

The Marvel Family: Farewell to a Friend

A Challenge of Shazam story

by Blackwolf247
published January 26, 2004

Fat Billy Batson, known as a comedic performer and college football player, always had a kind word for friend and foe alike. But as he is remembered at his memorial service, only a few in the audience know that Fat Marvel of the Lieutenant Marvels has died with him.

The Marvel Family: A Marvel Family Christmas

by Libbylawrence
published December 17, 2002

The Marvel Family tries to make Christmas merry in three separate holiday missions! Watch as Mary Marvel tracks down a missing father for a little girl! See how Captain Marvel Junior helps an ex-con family man from making a big mistake! And thrill to an adventure teaming up Captain Marvel and Santa Claus himself!


The Marvel Family: Riddle of the Ragnarok Rogues

by Libbylawrence
published March 15, 2003

The Marvel Family goes from Norse to worse as they try to stop a modern Ragnarok! But as Captain Marvel battles the Norse gods’ own chosen mortal champion, Bothfyd, the menaces of the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent are waiting in the wings!

Mary Marvel: Girl Power

by Libbylawrence
published April 3, 2003

When a pop princess is kidnapped after performing at a concert she’s attending, Mary Marvel vows to save the music! But when the villainous Rainbow Squad proves to be too much for her alone, she must find worthwhile allies to defeat them! Introducing the Lieutenant Mary Marvels!

Captain Marvel: The Infernal Return of Slaughter Slade

by Libbylawrence
published January 13, 2004

Captain Marvel learns to never dismiss a forgotten old foe when Slaughter Slade returns with a vengeance, now with the power of Ibac! Meanwhile, Mr. Tawny gets a chance at romance when he meets an evolved cat, but could Gabby Tabby be a pawn in Slade’s attempt to destroy Captain Marvel?

Mary Marvel: A League of Monsters

by Libbylawrence
published March 8, 2005

Summoned by an old medicine man who reminds her of the old wizard Shazam himself, Mary Marvel travels to a parallel Earth decades ago in the past, where she fights to save the counterparts of the Marvel Family from the clutches of the nefarious Monster League of Evil! But even if she succeeds in saving the Thunder Family — Captain Thunder, Mary Thunder, and Captain Thunder Junior — can she possibly also save their world from being eventually erased from existence in the Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Mary Marvel: What’s My Future?

by Dan Swanson
published October 16, 2005

It’s a Lieutenant Mary Marvels reunion when Mary Marvel gets together for lunch with Posh Mary, Valley Mary, and Mary Belle, as the latter two Marys plan for college. Hilarity ensues.

The Marvel Family: Forever a Marvel

by Arcademan
published March 19, 2005

Ever since Caitlin O’Malley joined the Marvel Family as Lady Marvel, she’s been their secret weapon, even as she became their friend. But when Billy Batson realizes that he hasn’t seen her in weeks, if not months, he begins to wonder what happened to her. Little does he know that an old enemy out for revenge has come a-calling, and Caitlin may just be his own secret weapon against Captain Marvel! Guest starring Cool Marvel!

DC Universe: Crisis Over Earth-S

by Dan Swanson, with Drivtaan
published June 22, 2005

A cross over team up with over 30 heroes! Can the World’s Mightiest Families of 2 Earths save Earth S?

  • Shazam’s Squadron of Justice: Mystery of the Missing Day (Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, Cool Marval, Freckles Marvel, Hill Marvel, Lieutenant Marvels, Lieutenant Mary Marvels, Marvel Family, Mary Belle Marvel, Mary Marvel, Posh Mary Marvel, Tall Marvel, Uncle Marvel, and Valley Mary Marvel guest star)

The Marvel Family: Lord Batson’s Adventure

by Dan Swanson
published November 12, 2005

The Billys and the Marys aren’t the only Batsons with exciting lives, as proven when Posh Mary Marvel eavesdrops on her father, Lord Batson, regaling his wife with a ribald tale of wit!

America’s Greatest: Mary Marvel and Atom Blake: Magic and Demons and Ghouls, Oh My!

by Dan Swanson, with Doc Quantum
published October 22, 2009

As the last student left behind on Halloween at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge, Atom Blake the Boy Wizard is expecting nothing but the peace and quiet he needs to complete an overdue assignment. But when the demons Blaze and Satanus suddenly invade the island in search of a prize, Atom must call in some help in the form of Mary Marvel and the Lieutenant Mary Marvels, the world’s mightiest girls!

Captain Marvel: Hero Worship

by Drivtaan
published November 11, 2009

Captain Marvel may be the world’s greatest hero, but as Billy Batson visits a military installation, he learns what true heroism is from the story of an ordinary U.S. Army corporal.


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