Mary Marvel: What’s My Future?

Mary Marvel: The Five Earths Project

Mary Marvel

What’s My Future?

by Dan Swanson

It’s a Lieutenant Mary Marvels reunion when Mary Marvel gets together for lunch with Posh Mary, Valley Mary, and Mary Belle, as the latter two Marys plan for college. Hilarity ensues.


Mary Marvel was thrilled to have such super-girlfriends as the Lieutenant Mary Marvels, even though it was, like, totally confusing when they got together, with all four of them being named Mary. But they managed, and they kept in touch with phones and letters, and were becoming fast friends.

Valley Mary of California and Mary Belle of Georgia had asked their friends to join them for a celebration. The two girls had both been accepted to the same college and planned to be roommates, and they wanted to share their excitement.

Mary Marvel had flashed to California and helped that Mary Batson turn into Valley Mary, then back to merry old England to gather up her friend Posh Mary, and the three had converged on the stately southern estate that Mary Belle called home. The Marvels all changed back to their Mary Batson identities and headed to Mary Belle’s favorite restaurant for a lunch of some great southern-style barbeque.

It was unusual for someone to reserve a table at the restaurant, but Mary Belle had done so, as the girls planned to hang out there for a little longer than a regular lunch. It was a good thing she had made reservations, as the restaurant was extra crowded that day, not before they arrived, but shortly afterward. For some reason it seemed as if every boy and man in town had decided to have barbeque as well that day. The food must also have been special today, as so many of the diners headed to the pay phone to call their friends to come by for a special treat.

Oblivious to the buzzing crowd, Mary Belle and Valley Mary breathlessly described their college. It sounded great. Finally, Posh Mary asked them what they were going to study.

“We’re both, like, gonna go into archaeology,” Valley Mary told her friends.

“In fact, y’all, we’re gonna specialize in the study of the plumbing of the ancient Egyptian kings!” Mary Belle added enthusiastically.

“For sure,” said Valley Mary with a wink.

The other two Marys looked at each other in puzzlement, and finally Mary Marvel asked the obvious question. “Why?”

Mary Belle looked at Valley Mary and smiled. The two had obviously met earlier and talked over what they were going to say. “I’m surprised. I thought all girls dream about being…”

Valley Mary chimed in, and they answered together, “…pharaoh faucet majors!

The End

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