Whiz: Thunder Girl: The Child of Thunder and Lightning, Epilogue: Amazons of the World

by D.S. Wynne and Doc Quantum

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Meanwhile, from across the expanse of time, space, and beyond, an ebony-skinned woman casually surveyed the damage that was made in the Library. Damn those harpies! the woman thought to herself. And damn myself for being too short-sighted.

The Library was in ruins. Pages upon pages were everywhere, and it would take nearly forever to fix this mess. She did dispatch those responsible for this mess, at least. As she went through the piles of torn books, she noticed one that did not appeared to be damaged. The woman picked it up and opened it; she was shocked to see that words and whole passages had been edited within the text.

Oh, boy, she thought to herself. The woman knew the consequences that could occur when a book from the Library was corrupted. She knew that she couldn’t reverse what was about to take place, but at least she could contain the damage that was about to occur.


Meanwhile, in Germany, ever since the end of World War II, the Valkyries of Brunhilde had steadily rebuilt its ranks. One of its darkest moments was when Hitler had successfully corrupted the secret society, the German offshoot of the Amazon Nation, via his agents during the war. During that time, one of their own fought the American heroes. Now, after so long, the society was back. However, there were still some problems.

Helga von Bruckner and her sister Olga were the most radical members of the group and were heavily involved in the budding neo-Nazi movement. Even after being chastised for following the ways of a dead man as well as allying themselves with the male Captain Nazi, the sisters were determined in their ways. Rumor had it that one of the two were planning to get revenge on the one person responsible for the near-destruction of their society: Mary Marvel. However, unless there was proof of their activities, the main body would not exact sanctions on the two. Only time would tell.


Meanwhile, in France, Sisters Agatha and Jeanne continued their assault on one another. Neither was determined to lose her ground in this sparring session.

The Sisters of St. Joan, sometimes known as the Warrior Nuns, were a secret organization within the Catholic Church composed of Amazons converted to the faith, a splinter group of the worldwide Amazon Nation. They were a paradoxical group, since Nuns were not known for being fierce warriors. What made them special, however, was that they could act as agents in the service of the church, and none would be the wiser. However, their duty was always toward their faith in God via their acts of charity. Quite a contrast.

Mother Agnes ceased the two nuns’ sparring session and asked if they would like to do some charity work in America. Apparently, their contact within the Valkyries of Brunhilde had informed the Warrior Nuns of some possible machinations of Helga and Olga von Bruckner. Sisters Agatha and Jeanne were to keep an eye on these two and possibly stop any plan of theirs from bearing any fruit. With that, the nuns went back inside their convent.


Meanwhile, in China, Xiang Po was the best of her tribe. Warriors to the hilt, they prided themselves on overcoming all obstacles. Just recently, a strange girl and her panda had crashed the annual village tournament, and presumed to challenge her for the prize that she had already won that same day. As one of the Amazons of Joketsuzoku, it was Xiang Po’s duty to accept the challenge of a stranger. Thankfully, that extra training her great-grandmother had given her the other day had proven useful. She barely defeated the strange girl, but beat her she did.

Since then, Xiang Po felt a longing to test her skills beyond the confines of her village. She had heard of tales of the so-called mystery-men of America and elsewhere, men and women who had perfected their prowess beyond what was humanly impossible (though not impossible for a highly trained Amazon, of course).

When Xiang Po asked her great-grandmother, named Khon Lon, for her thoughts on this matter, the old matriarch instead began a tale of how their tribe was not the only Amazon tribe in existence, and of their origin as the Amazon Nation. What Khon Lon revealed to her great-granddaughter would give a new determination to the Chinese Amazon.


Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Orora looked over the expanse of Bana-Magdall from the top of the lookout tower. So much had occurred since the neighboring governments had learned of their existence. Since then, they had been escalating conflicts between them and the Amazons. As matriarch, it was her duty to see to the safety of her people, even if it meant turning to the one person she hoped to avoid: her mother, Queen Lysippe.

Orora knew that she could ask for her help, but stubborn pride refused to lay down. As she pondered these thoughts, she failed to notice her own daughter Nu’ma was sneaking up on her. Orora felt a disturbance. Then she smiled. Nu’ma leaped at Orora with a fierce war cry, but Orora casually created a gust of wind that knocked the teenager on her rear.

Scowling, Nu’ma got up and complained how unfair it was that her mother had special abilities, while she didn’t. Orora simply hugged her daughter, wondering what the future would bring if Bana-Magdall ever fell. Hopefully, her best agent would secure the help from Bana-Magdall’s sister tribe in Greece. Otherwise, she would be forced to turn to Lysippe for help.


Meanwhile, in Greece, the Daughters of the Moon Circle were making merry. After all, it wasn’t every day that the Disparates (the scattered Amazon tribes) had re-established ties. Artemis (who was rumored to be the daughter of the goddess Selene) was proud of herself. Even though she was a warrior at heart, Artemis felt that a new direction was needed for her tribe. The one thing that the Daughters of the Moon Circle specialized in were the mystic arts, which made the dichotomy within Artemis quite fascinating. Under her leadership, Artemis had led her tribe against the governments of Greece, Turkey, and Russia. Of course, the Daughters were viewed as terrorists and were treated as such. Still, thanks to the various networks and allies, the Daughters survived their ordeal. Now, with the alliance with Bana-Migdall, Artemis was confident that the New Amazon Nation would one day be a reality.

Kalika (also known as the Shimtar of Bana-Migdall) was more than enjoying herself at the festival. She never thought that she would play diplomat as soon as she returned home from England. Her mother wanted her daughter to be a better Shimtar than she was, which is why Orora had authorized Kalika’s sponsorship to receive a worldly education from Man’s World. When she went on holiday, Kalika returned home to find her mother ill. Orora asked Kalika to take her mother’s place as the new Shimtar, so that the negotiations between Bana-Migdall and the Daughters of the Moon Circle could continue. Now that the negotiations had proved a success, Kalika could finally relax and enjoy herself. In the meantime, Kalika was thinking of what Artemis had said concerning about the many other Amazons out in the world. Perhaps the information that she was given would prove useful to Orora.


Meanwhile, in Baja California, Mexico, Carmen Sanchez thought about what her grandmother had told her at the hospital. How can I be a descendant of a myth? she thought to herself as the wind blew in her hair.

According to Ines, Carmen’s grandmother, she was a descendant of Califa, the last Amazon queen in America, and that generation of the royal line was blessed by the Plumed Serpent to be its avatar. While Carmen wasn’t sure about her being of royal blood, she did know that her grandmother possessed special abilities.

As the obscure World War II-era Latina heroine La Rosa del Aire, Ines fought against the more clandestine elements of the Axis powers, since being open with her abilities would bring undue attention to her family. After the war, Ines retired and began to raise a family. When her granddaughter Carmen was born, Ines hoped to initiate her to her family heritage when she was old enough. Upon Carmen’s sixteenth birthday, Ines began teaching her the precepts of her long-since dead tribe; she hoped that, as long as the teachings were passed down from generation to generation, the tribe’s future would then be secured. Unfortunately, that could change. While attempting to stop a mugger, Ines was critically injured, thanks to years of inactivity. Thankfully, her metabolism saved her from the worst of the injuries.

Carmen was thinking these thoughts when she found herself being accosted by the same muggers that had injured her grandmother. Apparently they had wanted to make sure that her grandmother would not identify them, so they decided to get Ines through Carmen. What they didn’t know was that Carmen had learned much from Ines and thus was aware on how to access the power.

Reciting a prayer, Carmen felt herself change. The wind, the rain, and the lightning danced in the immediate area. At that moment, the girl changed from her street clothes to a costume with Aztec influences. Now and forever, Carmen was the new La Rosa del Aire, or simply Rosewind in English.

Using her newfound speed and strength, Rosewind quickly grabbed two of the thugs and slammed them on the ground. She then created two snakes out of thin air; Rosewind threw one snake at the another thug, which bound him tightly. She took the other snake and formed a staff and started to use it on the fourth guy.

While doing this, Rosewind almost failed to notice that the first two thugs had recovered and were on their way out of the immediate area. Casually, she pointed a finger at one and called down lightning. She then created a single rose and threw it at the other guy. The rose sailed past the guy and impaled the sidewalk. It then grew to a huge size and swallowed the guy without harming him. Satisfied, Rosewind made sure that the thugs were nice and quiet.

With that in mind, the teenage avatar took to the air, leaving rose petals in her wake. As she sailed in the air, Carmen wondered what she was to do next. Maybe others could help her in her journey toward understanding her role as an avatar of the Plumed Serpent, as well as the last Amazon of her tribe.


Meanwhile, back on New Aretias, Princess Celia took to the air. As she did so, she loved the fact that her sister Promethea and her niece Phoebe were making a full recovery after that demoness Blaze’s assault. Using the speed of Mercury, Celia increased her speed and altitude. Luckily, the stamina of Atalanta and the power of Zeus allowed her to survey the rigors of near space.

“Celia!” Lysippe called via a digital two-way radio.

“Yes, Mother?” Celia responded likewise.

“Get down here before you get hurt!”


Celia used the wisdom of Selene to figure out the best trajectory to get back down to Earth. As she descended, Celia could feel the pressure building up around her. She definitely did not want to burn while going back down. Still, being up at this altitude allowed her to view the whole Earth. It was so wonderful a view.

As Celia passed over the North American Eastern Seaboard on the Atlantic Coast on her way back toward home far away to the east, she saw a yacht being attacked by a giant sea monster. Feeling the need to help, Celia rushed over and punched the creature. The creature quickly recovered and used its giant tentacle to grab Celia. If any other person were in its grasp, it would have spelled doom for the victim. Unfortunately for it, Celia used the strength of Hippolyta to free itself.

Being fed up, Celia went to retrieve an oar from one of the lifeboats, broke off the rudder from the oar, took aim (using the skill of Artemis) and threw it. The makeshift spear went straight into its brain, killing it in the process. Celia asked the yacht’s occupants if everyone was all right. Once she was given an affirmative in that regard, Celia took off. She thought that her day out was a good one, since she was able to test her powers.

The mayor of Fawcett City looked at the scene that was before him. It wasn’t every day that one was attacked by a sea monster; it wasn’t every day that a teenager defeated a sea monster, either.

“Well, Mr. Mayor, what do you think?”

“Well,” the mayor began as he turned toward the reporter, “that girl certainly has thunder.”

“Is that a quote?”

“Sure, why not?”

As the reporter wrote down his notes, he was glad that he had been given this great assignment. Who would have thought that such a boring assignment would become an exciting one?

“Thunder Girl,” he said to himself. “It does have a nice ring to it.”


Later that night, Celia was reading her book before going to bed. Her mother, Queen Lysippe, came in to tuck her in, so to speak. She also talked about how excited she was that Celia would go to Europe for the first time since she had been brought from there over a decade ago. While Celia was glad to go to Europe with Promethea, who would thus go on her own first sojourn to the outer world, she wished that Phoebe was also well enough to come with her. Hopefully, she would get a chance to do so soon.


“What is this?”

The wizard viewed his Historama with a discerning eye. Displayed before him was the view of a young girl — a girl that was displaying the use of the power of Shazam, even though he’d had nothing to do with this development.

From what he saw, the wizard was suitably impressed. The girl was the adopted daughter of the queen of the Amazons and was being trained as one herself. So far, the girl had used more techniques from her own sextet than his own champion had done in his early days. A very interesting development.

Shazam shut down the Historama and silently contemplated on the idea of that wielder of the power of Shazam meeting the Marvel Family. He hoped that this girl would become a secret ally to the Marvel Family, especially since he had heard rumblings of the formation of a new Monster Society of Evil. Only time would tell.

The End

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