Zing the Queen of Quick: 1961: Midwestern Odyssey

Zing the Queen of Quick: The Five Earths Project

Zing the Queen of Quick

Times Past, 1961

Midwestern Odyssey

by Dan Swanson

Zing the Queen of Quick has decided to leave Chicago and go somewhere there aren’t any super-heroes. But it’s not as simple as she thought it would be. As she makes her way through the Midwest toward Las Vegas, Aleny Huong takes a slight detour to a town in the Rocky Mountains, where she meets a handsome mechanic named Wayland Steele, and she is smitten. But when Zing the Queen of Quick attempts a few local robberies under a new super-villain identity, she has no idea that the town has a super-hero of its own! What will she do when she discovers this mystery-man’s true identity? Introducing the awesome Night Sentry!

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