Smash Team-Up: We Will Fight Our Countries’ Battles, Epilogue: A Third Front

by CSyphrett

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London, Occupied England:

Metallic green eyes watched soldiers lead away his pawn, the false Neon the Unknown. The man known as the Jester would have to do something about that later; his first priority was England. Still, a defense against this new menace was in order.

He made some notes on a pad at his elbow. Watching the battle through Neon’s eyes had given him something he could use to his advantage.

Extreme cold was a Martian weakness that would be sent around the world. Every theater would be trying to come up with ways to battle the false aliens.

A third front was opening up, and he wondered if the Allies or Axis alike were up to the challenge thrown down in front of them.

The Manhunters had complicated an already-long war.

The End

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