Smash Team-Up: We Will Fight Our Countries’ Battles

Smash Team-Up: The Five Earths Project

Smash Team-Up

We Will Fight Our Countries’ Battles

by CSyphrett

As the last of the Imperial Japanese Occupation forces are routed from mainland California, Quicksilver and the Creature Commandos find themselves fighting a new threat: the Divine Wind, Imperial Japan’s answer to the Freedom Fighters. But even they may pale in comparison to the threat that is looming on the horizon for the entire world: the so-called Manhunter from Mars has been cloned, and the first of these clones has plans of his own for his faux Martian army. But can even the combined forces of the Freedom Fighters, the SS Ubermenschen, and the Creature Commandos defeat the Martians? Guest starring the Jester, Margo the Magician, and the Blue Tracer!

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