A few updates

DC Jam poster detail featuring Robin, Amethyst, Wildcat, the Demon Etrigan, Metamorpho, Cain, Sgt. Rock, Green Lantern II, Captain Marvel, Batman, Superman, and Wonder WomanJust a short note to let everyone know of a few updates, especially those of you who subscribe through the RSS feed:

  • We now have a chat room that’s fully functional and integrated into the site, rather than an extension of a chat room site.
  • The titles pages (ie. “Earth-2 Titles”) have been collapsed into the parent pages. No more unwieldy drop-down menu. A handy little plugin called Simple Content Reveal keeps the long lists of stories from becoming too unwieldy. I’ve used this plugin on the FAQ page also.
  • We have a new, non-Crisis on Infinite Earths-specific banner. I hope to have new banners each month (December’s banner will be Christmas themed).
  • Design-wise, there are a few small changes that some of you may notice, such as a different font family for headings, as well as a slider on the home page.
  • And last but not least, I’ve begun importing several stories at once over from the old Five Earths Project sites, beginning with the Shazam! Earth-S Lives On Archives. These are clearly labeled as “unedited” and often do contain many errors. Sometime in the future these will be more carefully edited and broken up into smaller chapters with their own pages, just like the newer stories on the site. But for now, it’s just important that this site contains all the content from the old sites. Then we can finally take the old sites down.

More changes are coming. I’ll keep you updated! Meanwhile, if you have a blog, a facebook account, or a twitter account, please plug and promote The Five Earths Project by linking to us whenever and however much you like! The more links out there leading to us, the more new readers will be able to find us online.

UPDATE (November 30, 2010): You can now search through all of the existing Five Earths Project sites using our handy Google Custom Search on the right sidebar.

  • Thanks for the mention of my plugin, Simple Content Reveal.

    Your link to your FAQ page in the above post isn’t correct – it links back to my site again (although I’m happy for you to repeatedly link to my site!)

    If you require any assistance on removing the blank lines around the collapsed headings, let me know.

  • Doc Quantum

    Thanks for letting me know about the incorrect FAQ link — that kind of thing happens when I’m up too late making updates.

    And I appreciate the Simple Content Reveal plugin assistance.

  • Lee

    You are doing a great job with this site, Doc. I’m trying to clear my plate off so I can jump back into the groups with both feet. When I do, I’ll try to step in and help in any way I can.

  • Doc Quantum

    Thanks, Lee. I could definitely use the help.

  • Doc, I’ve created an account and updated my profile with information about myself. Feel free to pull from it for the writers’ info block (I wrote under my normal name for the club). If you need more details, just let me know.

  • Doc Quantum

    Excellent! Thanks, Martin.

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