How to Write Comics and Graphic Novels by Dennis O’Neil

Dennis O'NeilOver at Bleeding Cool, veteran comic-book writer and editor Dennis O’Neil — best known for his work on Batman and an acclaimed run in Green Lantern/Green Arrow — has over the last few weeks been sharing his tips on writing comics and graphic novels. Whether or not you want to ever write comics, fanfic, or just fiction in general, many of the same principles apply.

For those of you both in the area and interested in studying under O’Neil’s wing, he teaches a 10-week course at New York University on this very subject. For the rest of us, we’ll have to make do with these articles. I will keep this list updated as further articles are published at Bleeding Cool:

  1. First Class Discipline
  2. Recommended Reading
  3. Homogenized For Safety
  4. Why Don’t You Grow A Spine?
  5. Network King
  6. Whoever Knows Fear…
  7. A Beached Hero
  8. Bester Both Worlds
  9. Continuity Day
  10. End Times
  11. A Reading List
  12. Creating A Narrative
  13. The Rule Of Three
  14. Serial Killers
  15. Double Sized Edition
  16. (see #15)
  17. Making Pictures
  18. Aren’t They All?
  19. The End Is Now