March at the 5 Earths Project

St. Patrick's Day at the Five Earths Project

Time marches on, and we’re already a few days into March. Our featured image for this month is a Neal Adams piece from the 1976 Super DC Calendar featuring Green Lantern and Green Arrow, the stars of the unusual team-up series from the 1970s.

We’re working hard here at the Five Earths Project to bring you the best DC Comics fanfic featuring your favorite heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, the Justice League of America (JLA), the Justice Society of America (JSA), the Sentinels of Justice (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, the Question, Nightshade) who inspired the Watchmen, the Marvel Family (Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Junior), the Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, the Ray), and many other lesser-known DC Comics, Charlton Comics, Fawcett Comics, Quality Comics, and Fox Comics characters.

We’ve got most of the stories migrated over from the old sites, but it will be a while before they’re linked to the individual sections. Please be patient. With more than a decade’s worth of stories to move over, it’s quite a bit job.

See you again soon!

  • lollyandandypart 4 by donnie thorson industriesinc mora pack books and letters privacy-some of us cant readnear post offiCE:having been named hitlers sucCEssor albert speer came up qwith a plan to nuetralize himmler as a rival-knowing japan had bagged india(see world) and himmler was into india superstition he asked japan to permit germanys embassy to be in india,(taj mahal) then appointed himmler(along with his other powers) ambassador. and secretly killed himmlers #2 man(self-defense),also himmler was allowed to travel to the yucatan pyramids of axis member the csa(within the csa state of yucatan(given statehood due to its large white population-also the only state to have latin-slaves rather than subcitizens( the latin slaves are housed in cs run ghettos-the subcits in latin resevations)

  • Webmaster

    the lemon-danner-banner as colonies(aas opposed to states) of the csa (axis world)even as britian was being part of germania see below or above colonials were being told to not comment to confederate corrections(yakity yak,dont dont talk back) sinCE the viCE president(as well as the colonal secretatry) were desendeed from george washington and several slaves(company property sinCE pres huey long had copied his axis allies hitler and mussolini) werre deCEnded from mount vernon (noe a gov tourist site)

  • Webmaster

    return of the lawlessleague part 2 by donnie thorson industries inc(see above or below) suddenly a woman of about 21 years approached she had chestnut brown hair and lipstick my mane is valerie jessie -but you may call me(changed clothes superspeed) ultragirl i wish to join your movement at that point 2 children(one gender each) entered on a flying without wings!!!!!! horse. these are my children-their dads are 2 e-3ers don andgeorge-im not married. this is our horse ajax

  • Webmaster

    separate is more = by donnie thorson industries inc book and leter packers sinCE a kulturkauf ocCErred whin coloniakls hit the mainland the colonies decided to have a cononial library,colonial theater and marriage and siblings not favored

  • lollyand andy part 10: the cas(axis worls-althist-wikia) aka contacted to get britain needed resourCEs

  • what if:the facts of life had not teamed up? by donnie thorson,industries inc.booland letter packing:pod mrs gs pals kim and willis visit. jo talks them into joyriding in a car. after the car almost crashed they bail and go to el? jo notiCEs the flag looks different but cant put her finger on it. suddenly they hear the news jo runsout hauls down the flag and counts only 48 stars

  • Maubus

    maubus presnts introducing the debut of earth threes own bat man! before becoming owl man the disgraced dr wayne had delt with defective pacemakers:one had been planted in grace dent wife of gotham city da harvey dent weakening her. part two 1986 as the war between owl man s gang and boss gordons rfg(in several cities-the smallville one had been destroyed by ultraman after they threatened his frend the kents) at wayne manor a figure in a gray overcoat with a golden bat on it an pennants for a cape attacked dr wayne

  • Donnie

    status of the csa in axis world by donnie thorson: the state of yucatan was carved due to its high white population and even more so its CEntral role in the conquest war that took plaCE while the rest of the world(with nuetral exCEptions) fought ww1