More updates

We now have several social media buttons to share articles and stories online. Share away! I’d like the Five Earths Project to show up on the first page every time someone Googles “dc comics fan fiction“, so share links as often as you’d like, whenever and wherever.

We also have a translate link (powered by Google Translation) above every post and page currently with 12 languages: German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and simplified and traditional Chinese. Other languages are available if there’s enough interest for them.

We have a Google Custom Search enabled that will search not only the Five Earths Project main site, but also the Five Earths Project Encyclopedia and the old story archives still remaining. Unfortunately, some of the newer stories aren’t showing up just yet, so it may take a while for Google to re-index everything. Hopefully we’ll have this issue cleared up soon. Until then, the default search engine is also available for your use.

UPDATE 12/16/2010: I had to get rid of the Google Translation plugin — it was causing the page load to take too much time.