Politics un-usual

The U.S. Presidential seal

The U.S. Presidential seal

Here at the Five Earths Project, we like to honor special events with appropriate stories. That’s why during Halloween and Christmas last year we treated you to several new holiday-themed stories.

Since 2012 is a U.S. election year, and Super Tuesday is coming up in March, we thought we’d honor the Presidential Primaries by posting Part 3 of a little Earth-2 round-robin story called The Race. It’s a longer story than usual, and there are a few spin-off stories that will be posted along with it.

Because of this special event story and the preparation that goes along with it, we might not have any new fiction for you this weekend. We’ll try to see if we can scrape up a really short one and post it, but otherwise, it might take an extra week or so before our next story is posted.

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