“X” Marks the Spot

Earth-XIn Roman numerals, the number 10 is represented by the letter X; it seems only appropriate, then, that 2010 is shaping up to be the year of Earth-X. Over at Yahoo Groups on both the 5earthwriters group and the EarthXtheFightContinues group, discussions abound concerning the past, present, and future of this world.

Over the past couple of months, Doc Quantum has undertaken the monumental task of editing and rewriting many of the archived stories in an attempt to tighten up continuity. Future writers now have a much more stable foundation upon which to build their own stories. Thanks, Doc. There is also talk of Doc doing an origin story of sorts for the Freedom Fighters.

Frank Murdock is stirring up excitement with plans to bring many of the old Red Circle/MLJ characters into the Earth-X fold. What’s the connection between these new/old heroes and the Crusaders — a group that first appeared in issues #7 through #9 of the original Freedom Fighters series from DC Comics? Only time (and Frank) will tell.

Also among the chatter, Lawrenceliberty has mentioned exploring a lesser-known member of the Axis powers. If so, things might not bode well for the Black Condor.

And on the horizon, Drivtaan continues the adventures of Ace Egan and Andrew Carter. He also gives us a glimpse — thanks to the valuable assistance of Dan Swanson — inside Hitler’s inner circle. In addition, he reintroduces for the first time anywhere a hero whose name alone once brought fear to many a Nazi soldier.

With all that’s taking place on Earth-X, there is only one thing we really need to say: Look out, Axis! Here we come!

UPDATE (July 14, 2010):

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