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Super-Team Family: Goose Egg Hour

by Steed703 and Doc Quantum
Super-Team Family: The Five Earths Project
Buddy Baker is just out shopping with his wife when a giant frog attacks Los Angeles! And who should come to his aid but a walking, talking turtle? Will any member of his team even believe his story long enough to help them stop the menace of Frogzilla in its tracks? Don’t miss this titanic team-up of Animal Man and Guy Gardner of the Conglomerate of Earth-One, and Fastback and Yankee Poodle of the Zoo Crew of Earth-C!

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Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Sinister Selfies

by T Campbell
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
Doctor Hoot has been the Zoo Crew’s main bad guy for a while now, but all of his failed schemes have been too short-sighted. What if there was a way to exploit the modern obsession with smartphones, social media, and selfies? As Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew find themselves blindsided by another attack from a team of super-villains, could they be missing Hoot’s true goal? How can even the greatest heroes of Earth-C overcome a foe who has found a way to make mind-control go viral? Guest starring a villain from the world of Monsters, Inc.! And introducing Whirlybird — is she villain or hero?

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