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Shazam’s Squadron of Justice: Voyagers

by Libbylawrence
Shazam's Squadron of Justice: The Five Earths Project
The heroes of Shazam’s Squadron of Justice learn whatever happened to Diamond Jack in the worst way possible, when they discover that the former hero has become enslaved to his magic ring! Meanwhile, even the members of Revenge, Inc. are disturbed to learn of the Black Pharaoh’s plans to usher in a new dark age of Set! Can even the whole Squadron of Justice face this ancient evil on its own sacred ground? Featuring Lance O’Casey, Captain Marvel Junior, Spy Smasher, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Minute Man, Mary Marvel, Mister Scarlet and Pinky, and Ibis the Invincible! And introducing Sunbeam!

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DC Universe: The Rock of Eternity

by Immortalwildcat, Starsky Hutch 76, Libbylawrence, Doc Quantum, Martin Maenza and Earth Elemental 99
DC Universe: The Rock of Eternity: The Five Earths Project
At the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the final remaining Earths became one. But the wizard Shazam wasn’t about to stand for that. But even as he separated the Earths into five and erected powerful barriers between them, it’s nearly a full-time job to keep them from being pierced by heroes and villains alike. Meanwhile, a gathering of some of the worst villains ever are making their own plans. Guest starring Captain Marvel and Earth-One’s John Constantine!

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