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Showcase: Injustice Unlimited: Dishonor Among Thieves

by Libbylawrence
Showcase of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
Artemis Crock, the villainous daughter of the Sportsmaster and the original Huntress, is about to join the Monocle’s new Injustice Unlimited team when she learns that her mother was once the heroic Tigress of the All-Star Squadron! Even more shocking is that she has an older half-brother whose father is the Manhunter, and who runs an independent secret agency! Now Artemis must assemble her own team of super-villains to stop the Monocle from selling out the world to a mind-controlling queen from another dimension! Introducing the Council, Americana, Bellatrix, Bombshell, the new Red, White, and Blue, and Earth-Three’s Starheart! And guest starring Corona and the Justice Society of America!

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Midnight: 1969: The Lunar Front

by John M. Burt
Midnight of Earth-X: The Five Earths Project
By the year 1969, the entire world has fallen to the Third Reich. The last bastion of American freedom is a Lunar base called Camp Truman, led by Dave Clark, the former mystery-man called Midnight. But it’s only a matter of time before the Nazis drop an atomic bomb onto the base, killing all three hundred men, women, and children on the Moon. Could a group of visitors from the future offer hope and an alternative fate for this embattled Lunar colony?

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Black Canary: 1951: Cyclone

by Libbylawrence
Black Canary: The Five Earths Project
A new and dashing hero called the Cyclone appears in Gotham City, leaving a trail of both defeated crooks and disaster in his wake! Still, the Black Canary can’t help but wonder why his battles are always so destructive, and the blonde bombshell vows to unmask the truth!

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