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Weird Mystery Tales: What if the Flash Won the Race?

by Immortalwildcat, with Doc Quantum
Weird Mystery Tales: The Five Earths Project
What if Jay Garrick, the Flash, had been successful in his bid to become the next U.S. President? Join Destiny as he explores how some events would have played out differently, and how some events were simply fated to happen, even in this alternate reality.

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Feature: The Clock Strikes

by Christine Nightstar and Doc Quantum
Feature of Earth-X: The Five Earths Project
California has been occupied for a year since the invasion by Imperial Japan and their Nazi German advisors, and during that time the California Resistance has kept up the fight! Now a new hero arises to help liberate the Golden State while using the name of the first masked crime-fighter of all — the Clock! But who is Lester Colt, and what is his connection to the now-disbanded Freedom Fighters? And when a new Nazi super-agent begins killing old mystery-men, will the Clock’s final hour be struck? Guest starring Doll Man, USA the Spirit of Old Glory, Stormy Foster, Destiny, Lady Blackhawk, Uncle Sam, and many more!

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Doctor Fate: Fate Revealed

by Tynnechris
Doctor Fate: The Five Earths Project
For decades, Inza Nelson was forced to wait alone at Fate’s Tower while her husband Kent joined with the Lord of Order called Nabu to fight evil as Doctor Fate. But what will she do when she learns that she had always been intended to be part of Doctor Fate, too? Learn the final fate of Nabu and the new order of Doctor Fate in this epic tale. Guest starring Jared Stevens, the Scarab!

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