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Tales of Gotham City: Gotham City Stories

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from Pulp Fiction, screenplay by Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary
Tales of Gotham City: The Five Earths Project
Floyd Lawton, alias Deadshot, has been dragged back into the crime game despite his best intentions. Unfortunately for him, he’s also a marked man. Franko Morelli, the Joker’s number one guy, is under orders to find a legitimate way to kill him. But a shared near-death experience has a way of changing these two older gentlemen’s viewpoints on making their way in the world. Meanwhile, Ted Grant’s protégé Carlos Ramirez is instructed to take a dive in his next fight, but Carlos has other ideas. When these personal Gotham City stories finally meet head to head, things take an explosive turn!

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The Marksman: Unusual Suspects

by Doc Quantum, adapted from The Usual Suspects, screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie
The Marksman: The Five Earths Project
In Hamburg, Germany, five criminals who specialize in heists and hijackings are placed in one police lineup: a former Gestapo and Hamburg policeman named Wolfgang Hurtz, a top-notch entry man and sniper named Red McGraw, a transvestite con man named Dickie Stanton, an explosives expert named Denny Dyce, and a crippled Czech named Alexander “Mouthpiece” Koda. Making the most of this meeting, the five decide to team up for a few more jobs together. But as they soon begin to realize, their placement in the lineup was no coincidence, and they’re being manipulated every step of the way. Who is this mysterious figure pulling all the strings known as Baron Povalsky, alias the Marksman, and just whose side is he on?

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Showcase: Stretch O’Brien: Earth-Two Romance

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from True Romance, screenplay by Quentin Tarantino
Showcase of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
Stretch O’Brien, laying low in Gotham City since breaking out of juvie, meets the love of his life: Maggie. But when it turns out that Maggie is under the thumb of a small-time pimp, the crooked grandson of the original Plastic Man sets out to rectify things by killing him and stealing a briefcase full of cocaine, which he plans to sell to the highest bidder for a new life with his girl. But there’s just one problem: he’s crossed the Gorilla Mob, and Ape-Face himself is after him. Can our young antihero pull off the sale with a big Hollywood producer and escape with Maggie before the Gorilla Mob and the cops catch up to them? Stealing, cheating, killing — who said romance is dead?

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Superman’s Wife, Lois Lane Kent: Smallville

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from Fargo, screenplay by Ethan Coen and Joel Cohen
Superman's Wife, Lois Lane Kent of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
During a spate of unseasonably cold weather, the usually sleepy town of Smallville, Kansas, is shocked by a series of murders. When Lois Lane Kent, editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette, decides to investigate the murders herself, she uncovers a kidnapping plot gone awry. But can this veteran reporter with a nose for danger unravel the tangled web and keep from getting killed herself, despite being nine months pregnant? A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere. Introducing Clark and Lois Kent’s daughter Mary!

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