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Showcase: Detective Convention: Who Killed the Angle Man?

by Martin Maenza
Showcase of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project
During the twenty-four hour period that the five Earths are merged, a detective convention in Las Vegas turns serious when the costumed villain Angle Man is found dead. Who killed him and why? Five famed detectives and one policewoman — Jonni Thunder, Jonny Double, Harvey Bullock, Christopher Chance, Angel O’Day, and Liza Warner — are about to find out. Guest starring Earth-Four’s Michael Mauser. This Crisis crossover is inspired by a scene in Crisis on Infinite Earths #11!

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Secret Origins: Tex Thomson: An American Tale

by Libbylawrence
Secret Origins of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
If you thought you knew the story of Tex Thomson, alias Mister America, alias the Americommando, you were wrong! Those are just three of the identities of this hero with many names!

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