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The Paragons: Deus Ex Astra, Book 1: Visitations

by Doc Quantum, CSyphrett, Libbylawrence and Bradley Cobb
The Paragons: The Five Earths Project
The Crisis on Infinite Earths is over, but a new crisis of mythological proportions has begun all across Europe. Has a new heroic age struck the continent? The strange and powerful alien being known as the Super-Wizard believes it has, and he begins watching as a new breed of European action-heroes debut, taking steps to nudge a few in the right direction. Who is the mysterious Black Lion of Scotland, and what demons drive him on to act as a vigilante? Will Dr. Lorenzo Puzzini’s desire to continue his uncle’s heroic legacy as the new Dart of Italy make up for his father’s crimes as the villainous Barbarik? How will Lucille Michaud, the French heroine known as Psyché, escape from her mysterious captor? Has Jack Bicci, the former Sinistro, Boy Fiend, finally turned on his old ways and embraced the heroic destiny others predicted for him long ago? What happens when Rafael Guerra of Spain awakes from a months-long coma only to have power undreamt of? Will the Kenyan-born Austrian teenager Madeleine Fehr accept the panther-like powers she inherits from her grandmother? Will the Swedish artist and new father Alvar Sundin be able to embrace the idea of becoming the new vessel for Thor, God of Thunder? Will Jock Gruffud make it through the night as he battles numerous mythical baddies throughout Wales and the West Midlands as the strongman wizard hero Jock o’ Kent? And what will finally bring all these new heroes together as the Paragons?

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Sentinels of Justice: Watching the World

by CSyphrett and Doc Quantum
Sentinels of Justice: The Five Earths Project
While monitoring the Earth, the Son of Vulcan learns of a plot by an arms cartel called the Mars Council to flood the world with advanced weaponry, selling arms to both sides in conflicts around the globe. At the same time, groundwork is laid to create a United Nations organization meant to coordinate action-hero activity internationally. As a few of the Sentinels of Justice accompanied by some international heroes converge for a deadly showdown in the Antarctic, will they finally be able to shut the Mars Council down at its source? Guest starring Redstar of the Soviet Union, the Creature Kid of Australia (formerly known as Kid Kanga), and David Crandall, the former Nature Boy; and introducing Svarog of the USSR.

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L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons

by CSyphrett, with Doc Quantum
L.A.W.: The Five Earths Project
Hank Hennessy has just been recruited by Sarge Steel and Tiffany Sinn to lead a new team of superhuman agents connected to the Checkmate division of CHESS, a secret agency. But will he be able to keep from exacting revenge on the man responsible for the destruction of the Fightin’ Five, the team he formerly led? Featuring the Red Knight (former Checkmate agent and expert martial artist), John “Specs” Anders (a telepath and former member of the Tyro Team), Syntac (a super-android), the new Puppeteer (grandson of the 1940s mystery-man by that name), and Destiny Fox (a Native American with the power of a river god) as the first LAW team.

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Michael Mauser, Private Eye: War and Peacemaker

by CSyphrett
Michael Mauser, Private Eye: The Five Earths Project
Life is never easy if your name is Michael Mauser. How does a simple larceny investigation become a fight to the death with the Mars Council? And when Mauser, New York’s dirtiest P.I., is served up as bait to capture the Weapon — the world’s deadliest hitman — will the Peacemaker, serving as his bodyguard, show up in time to keep Mauser from meeting his final reward? The action culminates in a toe-to-toe fight in the sewers of New York.

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