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The Paragons: Deus Ex Astra, Book 2: World Tree

by Doc Quantum, Libbylawrence, Joe Kinski, CSyphrett and Bradley Cobb
The Paragons: The Five Earths Project
Mythological menaces continue to rage all across Europe, and no one has any idea why! As the Son of Vulcan, Earth-Four’s monitor, takes a closer look at the situation, he begins to see a pattern forming. Could Stardust the Super-Wizard have something to do with all the new European action-heroes? And even as the Son of Vulcan assembles a new group of young champions, will they be enough to battle a foe who is capable of altering reality itself? Meanwhile, Jack Sinistro Bicci is investigating the situation from the ground alongside the former Wonder Boy, bringing them to a fateful meeting in Paris with a new crime-fighter who is dealing with problems of his own! Guest starring Redstar, Zaza the Mystic, and Baron Weirwulf, and introducing Wundergirl, the Grey Ghost, and Europe’s new team of action-heroes — the Paragons!

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The Natural: Masters of the Elements

by Libbylawrence
The Natural: The Five Earths Project
Kate McCormick, an ordinary 35-year-old single mother of a teenage daughter, suddenly becomes the target of costumed super-powered assassins who claim to be given power by gods called the Masters of the Elements. And if that were not enough, she inexplicably begins to develop super-powers of her own. Can she learn the reasons for her powers and why the Masters want her dead in time to master a heroic legacy of her own?

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Sentinels of Justice: Watching the World

by CSyphrett and Doc Quantum
Sentinels of Justice: The Five Earths Project
While monitoring the Earth, the Son of Vulcan learns of a plot by an arms cartel called the Mars Council to flood the world with advanced weaponry, selling arms to both sides in conflicts around the globe. At the same time, groundwork is laid to create a United Nations organization meant to coordinate action-hero activity internationally. As a few of the Sentinels of Justice accompanied by some international heroes converge for a deadly showdown in the Antarctic, will they finally be able to shut the Mars Council down at its source? Guest starring Redstar of the Soviet Union, the Creature Kid of Australia (formerly known as Kid Kanga), and David Crandall, the former Nature Boy; and introducing Svarog of the USSR.

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