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Whiz: Flora: Fawcett City’s New Hero

by Arcademan88
Whiz: The Five Earths Project
When Caitlin O’Malley (Lady Marvel) left the Marvel Family, she also left a new friend behind — Flora, a size-changing faerie from Fairyland! Over the past year, Flora has tried to do her best to blend in with the people of Fawcett City and has formed an unlikely friendship with a teenager named Willie B. And when a hostage situation threatens a local store, the two soon find that they have a lot more in common than they’d originally thought! Guest starring Cool Marvel!

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Mary Marvel: To Fly Again

by Cynthia Finnegan
Mary Marvel: The Five Earths Project
For the past few months, Billy Batson has been acting very strangely. But it’s only when he goes inexplicably missing that his sister Mary Batson and best friend Freddy Freeman are forced to face the truth: that Billy has been replaced, and the demoness Blaze is behind it! Becoming Mary Marvel again for the first time in months, his sister confronts the demoness, only to discover that Billy’s replacement was all part of an elaborate trap, with the prize her soul! And now Mary must fight alone against Blaze to win not only her own soul, but those of her family and friends as well! Meanwhile, what fateful accident causes a teenage witch named Caitlin O’Malley to become the newest member of the Marvel Family? Guest starring Captain Marvel Junior!

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