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Batman Family: The Wedding March

by Starsky Hutch 76, Immortalwildcat, Bejammin2000, Drivtaan, Philip-Todd Franklin, Dan Swanson, Blackwolf247 and Dave Barnowski
Batman Family of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
This is the story of the wedding event of the season — when Red Robin and Power Girl get married! Dick Grayson (Red Robin) and Karen Starr (Power Girl) have been comfortably engaged for over two years without setting a date. But when Dick runs into an old friend and learns that his old flame has just died of cancer, it gives him a sense of urgency to set a wedding date for just one month from now. And that’s not all. Skeletons in the closet are brought to light as Dick learns he has a grown-up daughter named Rachel Levine, who was born from that old relationship. While wedding plans are made, others make plans to cash in on this high society event as well as take revenge on Dick. Can the Batman Family make peace with the dark secrets of the past in order to save this wedding from those who would destroy it? Featuring the debut of the U.S. Avenger and the Sparrow, and guest starring the Huntress, Bat Lash, the Superman Family, Stretch O’Brien, Bluestreak, and members of the JSA!

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DC Universe: Comes a Hero

by Blackwolf247
DC Universe: Comes a Hero: The Five Earths Project
The small city of Seminole, Florida, is shocked by news of the horrible murder of four small children during hurricane season! But that is only a small part of the strange and mysterious events that soon occur, raising more questions than answers! Who is the mysterious woman in black? What is the mystery of the deep hole on Frenchman Road? What is the source of the strange disease afflicting the people in the city? Why is the police chief suddenly acting like a completely different person in the midst of this crisis? And will the child-killer ever be brought to justice for his horrific crimes? Featuring the Crimson Avenger’s nephew, Terry Lee Travis! Guest starring Superman and a very unique time traveler!

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