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Operation Liberty: 1942: Homefront

by Vendikarr DeWuff
Operation Liberty: The Five Earths Project
On leave, Arn Munro heads home for Thanksgiving, while Matches Malone spends his holiday in less-than-pleasant company at Project M. Unfortunately, the war follows Munro home to Colorado. Guest starring TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite!

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Showcase: TNT and Dynamite: Explosive Personality

by Libbylawrence and Doc Quantum
Showcase of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project
Jimmy Olsen interviews Dan “the Dyna-Mite” Dunbar and finds out why he and TNT — two of Earth-1’s early super-heroes — had to live separately in Atlantis and Kandor for so many years. He also hears the true story of how Sargon the Sorcerer came to Earth-1 from Earth-2.

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