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The Suicide Squad: The Profit of War

by Bejammin2000, Christine Nightstar, and Doc Quantum
Suicide Squad of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
Arms manufacturer Darius Helstrom has profited from numerous civil wars and military coups in countries across the globe! When Commander Steel suspects that Helstrom is also behind the theft of a top-secret biological weapon he plans to sell to the highest bidder, he is forced to work with his counterpart in the Bureau of Special Projects, which means placing a new, untested super-agent in the Suicide Squad! But who is the sinister figure manipulating events from afar, and what connection does he have to the past? Introducing Mister Marvel, and reintroducing Deadshot’s grandsons, the Trigger Twins!

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The Huntress: Night Moves

by Libbylawrence
The Huntress: The Five Earths Project
The Huntress has her hands full protecting Gotham City with several new threats on the horizon, including the cop-killer called the Wraith, the crazed vigilante known as Vengeance, the identity-stealer called Mademoiselle Fantom, and the knight called Lady Crimson! But she also has to deal with the return of the Crimelord, Earthworm, and Lady Bane, daughter of Professor Hugo Strange! Can even the daughter of the Bat see her city safely through this crisis alone? Guest starring Blackwing, and featuring the debut and short career of his crime-fighting partner, Redbird!

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